About Vion

Vion Eubanks has over 12 years of professional beauty experience. Her
mother who is a beauty instructor introduced her to the beauty
industry at a very young age of 5, and ever since then she knew
exactly what she wanted to do! Vion launched her own company, Styles
by V LLC, in 2013 and is a licensed cosmetologist and specializes in
healthy hair. Vion has a wide range of experience with varying
textures of hair. From cut to color, weave to extensions and overall
styling there isn’t anything she can’t do. Vion is a hair stylist who
takes the time to educate her clients on what's best for them and
their hair. Her work has been featured on countless editorial’s like
Fantastics and Sophisticates Black Hair. Vion has been the lead
stylist for countless show & international movie productions like,
Tony & Guy creative shows and had the honor of working with Disney’s
Beauty and the Beast production. Vion understands the beauty industry
is constantly evolving and makes it her mission to forecast trends and
learn new techniques. Regardless, Vion always finds the beauty in
every single person that sits in her chair and is dedicated to making
sure her clients leave happy.